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20140927 - Overlook (Copperpoint) by ibnteos
20140927 - Overlook (Copperpoint)
Drawing done in copperpoint. I referenced it off a photo I took some years ago of a friend's sister during her quinceañera celebration :)
The likeness isn't quite spot-on (no presketching, started on the shoulder and worked outwards from there) but I think it came out well for what I wanted :D
Copperpoint on fabriano watercolor paper with a gouache ground, aprox. 25 x 35 cms.

© Copyright: Richard Andrew (Ricardo Andrés) Martinez Galla.
Any unauthorized use is prohibited, get permission first.
Cualquier uso no autorizado está prohibido, pida permiso primero.
20140920 - Girl sansref (copperpoint) by ibnteos
20140920 - Girl sansref (copperpoint)
Second drawing done in copperpoint. No figure reference for this one (I need the practice :) ).
Done on fabriano watercolor paper with a gouache ground, aprox. 25 x 17 cms.
20140915 - FlowerChild in copperpoint by ibnteos
20140915 - FlowerChild in copperpoint
Refferenced off a photo I shot of a friend's daughter some years ago.
It's my first attempt at metalpoint, copper in this case (before I move to silver), the image area is about 4x6inches.
I've been trying out different ways to prep the ground for the paper, it's not easy since I haven't found anybody local that has either the ready prepped paper nor the ground for metalpoint, art stores here don't really have materials for metal point, everywhere I asked they put a face of "I absolutely don't know what the heck you're talking about".
So, I've tried mixing marble dust and titaniuim white pigment into gouache paint, even tried different brands of paint because some flake or scratch off easier than others... In this case I applied two coats of white Reeves gouache paint mixed with a little ochre yellow and titanium white pigment. It still scratches a little bit but that might be also due to the point (i'm still getting a hang out of it).
As for the metal for the point, I stripped some electrical wire and used it to replace the graphite lead ina Staedtler 2mm mechanical pencil :)
I've tried some thinner wire ina 0.5mm mech pencil for details, but it tends to scratch more 'cause I can't tell if I've rounded the tip off properly at such a thin size. I also tried adding a little white in highlights, but didn't really apply much so's not to risk the drawing made.
This small drawing took me about an acumulated time of shortly under 2 hours, no underdrawing or sketching, just started with the nose and worked it from there :)  no erasing (in theory the metal line is permanent) cuz I didn't want to risk damaging the surface by trying.
Once I get a little more practice with the copper, and refine the ground application, I'll move on to silver :D

© Copyright: Richard Andrew (Ricardo Andrés) Martinez Galla.
Any unauthorized use is prohibited, get permission first.
Cualquier uso no autorizado está prohibido, pida permiso primero.
20140823 - AO by ibnteos
20140823 - AO
I'm trying to get more practice with color pencils. It still looks a little weak, but I've never gotten the habit of saturating the color too much when working with this medium (makes it difficult for me to layer multiple colors evenly).
Done with prismacolor pencils on fabriano paper, 24x35cms (only used graphite for sketching in initial lines before rendering in color).
Referenced off a black and white photo (no color ref) i shot in a session about 14-15 years ago, I added the piece she's holding and the drawing on the chest as well as the hair tailing round her left side) :)

© Copyright: Richard Andrew (Ricardo Andrés) Martinez Galla.
Any unauthorized use is prohibited, get permission first.
Cualquier uso no autorizado está prohibido, pida permiso primero.
20140817 - Stone Blade by ibnteos
20140817 - Stone Blade
Here and there I get the feeling I'm making mistakes when I draw, faces have been coming out a little skewed of late (feeling like a novice doing basic mistakes), gotta work on finding the problem and correcting it for future works. Even so, I think it came out pretty good :D
   This one originally done on fabriano paper 24 x 35 cms, graphite and prismacolor pencils. Based on a photo ref taken over ten years ago.
   The drawing here is presented with an added "frame" to cover partially the breast, I think my friend who I photographed would very likely kick my butt if I post it "uncensored".

© Copyright: Richard Andrew (Ricardo Andrés) Martinez Galla.
Any unauthorized use is prohibited, get permission first.
Cualquier uso no autorizado está prohibido, pida permiso primero.
  • Mood: Sadness

(first time writing in any kind of online journal.)

Firstly, even though i don't respond to everybody, thanks to all those watching and fave'ing my work, even though i don't upload much nor often.


The other day i went to have some work plotted out in a local shop dedicated to photocopying, printing and minor design work. As i was waiting i noticed one of the employees surfing through DeviantArt and the thought occured to me that maybe he would come accross one of my works and i could "show off" as the artist responsible.... later, another related thought somewhat different from the first came to mind, because i remembered how some people handle design here in my home city of San Luis Potosí. As a graphic designer, I've had customers come in for simple design work for banners and publicity; the thing about some of them is that they'll come in with a "simple" piece of work to be done but without any images to complement the poster/banner (for example a sign about the sale of popsickles), when i ask about it the customer will say "Just check the internet and see what you can find".... it tends to p¡$$ me off (even though i try not to show it)... firstly, it's not something i like doing; and, secondly, the images are such low res that to have them printed at large poster sized look terrible... that's why i make it my policy to tell this to the customer and ask them to get me the images he/she wants to use. I've even offered to take the photos myself (often without extra charge), but people just want to save themselves the trouble (by giving it to me).
One of the unfortunate things here is that there are a lot of printing and "design" shops, and people having their 12 year old children make their design work because "they know how to use the computer"... i've often come accross company logos and publicity in which i recognize known clipart, artwork from boris vallejo and luis royo (as an example), and trademarked characters from such as warner bros and disney being used by small businesses ranging from party halls to laundr-o-mats. I can't say for sure, but i'm betting most people won't even get the idea to try asking permission, they just "look it up on the internet"...
The internet is a great thing, one can read up on subjects from ABC's to quantum physics to whatever one can think of... art-wise, one can check out the work from artists around the world, past and present, learn, get inspired and inspire others by their own work.
i guess copyright enforcement can be a tricky thing, especially with so much material available internationally through the internet. But it all begins with respect for others and their work.

I can see why large watermarks with copyrights and such are used. Personally, i haven't gotten into the habit of "copyrighting" my work (i know, big mistake), and i haven't grown to like watermarking it with a large notice, but i will be adding a copyright line to my images, both to new uploads and old ones (i don't know if updating will make 'em pop up as new uploads).

I'd like to say, repeating what many here, that if somebody wants to use artwork (be it mine or anybody else's) it's better to ask permission first, and give credit where it's due.
I can't say i'm completely innocent of using others' material, but i do ask that if anybody knows how i can get in touch with the people responsible for the photos (found on the internet some years ago) on which i've based some of my drawings, let me know because i haven't had much luck finding them.

Well... i'm not sure if my writing is good, but just thought i would share some thoughts on what many have said and shouted.

say no to piracy (except when you're portraying them :D ).
say no to plagiarism
diga no al fusil


-Richard A.M.Galla


Richard M. Galla
Artist | Varied
Current Residence: San Luis Potosí, México
Favourite style of art: Fantasy
Operating System: PC/Win

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